We Can Help You Realize Your Dream


BooksBnimble Publishing entered the digital revolution in its infancy, and we had to feel our way. It was fun to be a pioneer, although at times frustrating. At first, for marketing, there was only FaceBook. And its little friend Twitter. Or so we thought. We posted and tweeted till our fingers hurt. That got us nowhere fast.

Then there was the rise of the book blog, Complete with blog tours! That was better. And finally it started to get good—opt-in targeted mailing lists that people could subscribe to to find great bargains in their favorite genres.

Targeted mailing lists. Think about it. An enthusiastic description of your book in the inbox of thousands (in one case millions) of people just waiting for it. We were all over that.

And we still are. Since we’ve been here as a publisher from the beginning—seven years, almost — we’ve learned the ins and outs of online marketing and advertising through trial and error. We’ve tried just about everything and succeeded at some. The others we’ve dumped. A good click-through rate doesn’t impress us. Conversions do. We now use social media only for staying connected, relying for the most part on targeted advertising for sales and revenue.

But here’s the stumbling point for many people— unless you have an extremely professional presentation (and lots of good reviews), you can’t even buy the very best ads. For the ones you can buy, you have to stand out enough to make a reader stop and notice. But if you have a good series, well presented, and a well-thought-out monthly ad schedule, you can go from amateur to professional, to making a living, even to making a very good living much faster than writers ever could before.

If you’ve already found the initiative to get your books online in digital form, you deserve to keep most of your revenue rather than hand it over to a publisher—even us! That’s why we started booksBnimble Marketing—to help self-published writers develop the right covers, the right key words, the right copy, and finally, we find the right ads to reach your audience. If you’re a relative newbie, you can do well. If you’re a been-thereseen-it-all traditionally published author who’s gotten back the rights to your backlist, this is one thing you haven’t seen. You’ll be amazed at how well you do.

Nobody knows better than I—a writer who’s been there–what it is you want. Maybe you want money, maybe you want recognition, maybe you’re dying to tell your stories, maybe you want to save the world, maybe you just want to avoid a day job– or any number of other maybes. But I know for sure what you definitely want—you want to find your audience. The people out there waiting just for you, who want your stories and your characters and your style and your point of view. They’re there, count on it. Our job, and our privilege, is to find them for you. -Julie Smith