BBN Marketing specializes in personalized promotion of mystery series. We don’t take on everyone, but we’re devoted to those we do! We know how frustrating it is to be an independent author, torn between writing another novel and marketing already-published works. Our goal is simple: we aim to market your published mysteries and keep an eye on their progress—so you can keep writing!

  • It’s a long game. We understand the inherent paradox of ebook publishing: quick to get started, slow to reap the rewards. We know that series sometimes take months to catch on and sell effectively—and when we say “effectively,” we mean thousands per month in revenue. Patience is indeed a virtue, and we’re in it for the long haul with all of our clients.
  • What’s the deal with “product optimization”? We use our unique literary and advertising backgrounds and 7 years of epub experience to draft copy for each book in each series, and the copy we offer is as loaded with keywords as it is alluring. We also use keyword software to develop a set of categories/keywords for maximal visibility within Amazon’s complex algorithm. Already have hypnotic copy? We’ll make the edits necessary to get your series to the next level. For some examples, see our clients page.
  • On judging a book by its cover: We have experience with what kinds of covers sell, and what kinds of covers don’t. We also know that an effective print cover is not the same as an effective ebook cover. We’ll work with you to publish covers that draw digital readers in—and make you happy!
  • What about pricing? We understand that pricing is competitive when it’s flexible. Some books fly off the shelves at 99 cents. Others rake in the dough at 5 bucks. We’ll help you find your own magic price point! (Be aware: these prices may change month-to-month).
  • See the whole series. We understand that a series works as a unit—one book drives sales of the others in the series, and some more than others. We use our expertise selling series to help you sell your entire series.
  • We don’t just promote, we analyze! Some marketing services offer promotion schedules like ours, but the buck stops there. That just isn’t our style. We’re constantly checking in on our clients’ progress and re-assessing more effective ways to increase rankings. Though we’re experienced, we’re not above good old-fashioned trial and error! Plus: we offer regular revenue reports to our clients, as well as professional liaison between our authors and their Amazon representatives. Really! We’ll get to the bottom of revenue disputes so you can keep on writing.
  • Pages are king. Although it may be frustrating that Amazon has dominated the ebook market over the past several years, we’ve found its market exclusivity is increasingly advantageous to indie authors . At BBN Maketing, we try to use these statistics to our advantage (while keeping an eye on the ever-changing digital market). For more information about today’s ebook world, check out these resources:

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